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 Vexation/Maiesy App

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PostSubject: Vexation/Maiesy App   Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:41 am

Name Of Character: Vexation

Class Of Character: Mage

Main Talent: Fire

Off Talent: I respec this a lot, but currently PvP Fire.

Play Time Of Character: 3-5hrs a day

Play Type Of Character (PVP / PVE): Both

PVP Experience: I have a lot of pvp experience, been in an arena team that maintained a 2300+ rating, was with 2 local friends on a LAN, I don't do arena any other way.

PVE Experience: I have been playing wow since June 2005, I have been in 3 high end raiding guilds on retail and progressed and cleared every raid wow has to offer up to HM firelands, with the exception of Old School Naxx, I cleared a lot of it though during its time. On this server I been playing for 10 months, and cleared all the content that is possible to clear on this server with the exception of blood queen, as I was on vacation during the time of her release and she was bugged when I got back.

PVP Gears Using: I have all wrathfull offset besides boots, and got 2 relentless and 1 wrathfull from the 5 pc set.

PVE Gears Using: Full best in slot. (Yes I donated)

Professions: Engineering/JC

Language Spoken: English only

Brief Description About Self: I am a very experienced wow player, I been around since a time on retail where you had to go to the Battleground portal to queue since there were no battlemasters, so im going on to 7 years of playing wow. During those 7 years I managed to open my own electrical business and I decided to leave retail since I found it annoying having to keep up with patches and run a business, so I joined MagicWoW and since I got the spare money and wanted to hop in some HM ICC right away. I been in Furor on MWoW, and preformed well with them, but when I got back from summer vacation they had me removed for inactivity, I then joined We Are Gamers since I been in a few of their raids and they seemed alright, but after they started getting famous for ninjaing I left since they need pugs to raid and nobody joins there raids anymore.

I am online a nice bit and I believe can be an active raider, however I may get called into work to approve actions and such on job sites just to let you know. So if you think that would be a problem then I understand, but if not then I am full BiS on my Mage and I know how to play WoW at an optimal level, so having me around for your raids would only be a benefit IMO from my dps, repair bots, not afking or Disconnecting, and knowledge.
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PostSubject: hmmmm   Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:26 pm

/w irondead on game..

Crack The Earth, Gods Of Thunder, Man And Beast Will Be Torn Asunder, Into The Fight I Own The Right, To Be The King Of Kings!

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Vexation/Maiesy App
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