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 zekopladin app

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PostSubject: zekopladin app   Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:00 am

Charackter name : wrathfultime
Class: hunter
Proffs: i have all proffs on my alts except LW
Main spec / off spec: mm/mm(pvp)
time played: only 2 days but i played about 1 year with hunter on molten WoW

1 Tell somting about ure self. hi im nirzad from BiH

2 What are ure raid experience? 1 year raiding know all tactic...

3 U had any guild before Ruin reloaded? and why u left ? not on magic Sad

4 what can u do for ruin reloaded ? and why should we inv u ? i can be fine guy for graids with nice dps

5 What talents do u have ? (u can use this link ) i cant post link :S

6 post som screenshots of ure bags, proffs , gear , dps pls inspect me in game i can tell you all what you need

8 what rotation are u useing? hunters mark, serpent sting, aimed shot, crimera shot, arcane shot, spam steady shot ,aimed shot, arcane shot, crimera shot...

9 u got any alts ? class spec ? zekopladin-retri(6.2 pvp-5.9 pve)
shamyyshamy-shaman resto 5.3 pve
dkpwnall-dk 5.4 pve
roguepwnall- rogue 5.8 pve
zpwarr-warrior about 5.9 pve with some pvp gear
zpnoob- shadow priest 5.6 full pve
karleusa- low lock with 5.2 gs mixed gear
junacc-druid lvl 50
P.S. i want to join in guild with all my alts so i can be helpful
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PostSubject: Re: zekopladin app   Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:36 am

Interview in game was fine.

Accepted. Have fun in Ruin Smile
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zekopladin app
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