Magic WoW Horde Guild RUIN RELOADED Welcomes You All On Its Forum...
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 Acesnof app

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PostSubject: Acesnof app   Sat May 28, 2011 7:17 pm

Character Name: Acesnof
Class: Paladin , warrior of the light :O
Proffs: enchant / tailor
Main Spec: REtribution pvp
Off Spec: Prot / holy
Time Played: 35 days 13 hours 37 minutes.

1 Tell somting about ure self.
i like technology, work (WTF) and joking around

2 What are ure raid experience?
defeated all BC bosses a few years ago ;p and i rock at Toc and ICC now x)

3 U had any guild before Ruin reloaded? and why u left ?
i was in a spanish guild to try to learn spanish and it worked i guess, now im gona pass in my exam.. well and ENOF of spanish i wana a srius guild now xd

4 what can u do for ruin reloaded ? and why should we inv u ?
profession, pvp , pve.. i can allways bring some laughs

5 What talents do u have ?

6 post som screenshots of ure bags, proffs , gear , dps

i'm 6.2k gs.. ah its enof Razz

8 what rotation are u useing?
the one who kills faster :p
and for pve ah the one who does mor dmg Surprised

9 u got any alts ? class spec ?
rog,dk,dudu, mhmm all of them, but my main is this pala
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PostSubject: hmmm   Mon May 30, 2011 7:24 pm

/w any officer online for inv...

Crack The Earth, Gods Of Thunder, Man And Beast Will Be Torn Asunder, Into The Fight I Own The Right, To Be The King Of Kings!

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Acesnof app
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