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 Application of Ezekiell

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PostSubject: Application of Ezekiell   Mon May 02, 2011 11:22 am

Character Name: Ezekiell
Class: Death Knight
Proffs: Jewelcrafting / Inscription
Main Spec: Blood/Unholy
Off Spec: Frost
Time Played: 15 days 13 hours 37 minutes.

1 Tell somting about ure self.
i like internet surfing and playing WoW most of the time,im friendly and a bit joker.

2 What are ure raid experience?
i been on ToC10 hm and toC25 nm and hm..and as i was doing this..i just finished ICC25
im always on a DPS role i this raid.

3 U had any guild before Ruin reloaded? and why u left ?
yes,i've been in Plague guild..i left that guild because they are always inviting us for raid then reserving items that we also needed..only the officials in guild are getting stronger and not the other members.

4 what can u do for ruin reloaded ? and why should we inv u ?
well,i can always help for Graid,i can be a good DPSer and i think my profs is useful to other members specially to the new members who might be needing it.

5 What talents do u have ?

6 post som screenshots of ure bags, proffs , gear , dps

8 what rotation are u useing?
Icy Touch - Plague Strike - Death Strike - Heart Strike - Heart Strike - Death Coil

9 u got any alts ? class spec ?
yes i have alts..a Tauren Hunter (Marksmanship/Beast Mastery)
Tauren Druid (Balance/Resto)
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PostSubject: Re: Application of Ezekiell   Tue May 03, 2011 7:09 am

well, looks good for now, will talk ingame more, so just /w me on greenmashine.
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Application of Ezekiell
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