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 Badtauro/ Ssakotdc/ Sakodeath!!!!

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PostSubject: Badtauro/ Ssakotdc/ Sakodeath!!!!   Thu Mar 31, 2011 3:26 pm

Race: Tauren!!

Classe: Shaman!!

Talent: Elemental And resto!!

Work: Herb and Ench!!

Gear: 5.6k PvP and 5.6k Pve!!

Alt char!!!!

SakotdcRace: Undead!!

Classe: Warrior!!

Talent: Arms and Protec!!

Work: Minning and JC!!

Gear: 5.4k PvP and 5.2k Pve Tank.

Race: Orc!!

Classe: DK!! Baby!!

Talent: Blood

Work: is being!!

Gear: 2.5k!!!!! affraid

It's laggg??????no You die!!!!!! lol!
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Badtauro/ Ssakotdc/ Sakodeath!!!!
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