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 Frostfire spec PVE MAGE Guide :)

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PostSubject: Frostfire spec PVE MAGE Guide :)   Wed Mar 16, 2011 8:56 am


FIRE(52) / (19)FROST

1: Tallents and Glyphs

1,1: Tallent tree

1,2: Glyphs
-Glyph of Living Bomb >>>

-Glyph of Frostfire >>>

-Glyph of Molten Armor >>>

2: Stats

Now before you start gem and enchant your mage i would like to talk about your stats, what is important and what not.

-What u will need to set to a round number is Hit rate, for lvl 80 bosses u will need 17% hit chance (446 in hit rate), but with your precision tallent wich add 3% hit chance you will need only 368 hit rate. With shadow priests in raid u need even less hit rate.

-About haste i would say that 800-900 haste rate is enough (lets say 1k with end gear). Do not gem it!!! it should come with your gear, if you are abit lower on haste rate you can use Black Magic enchant on your weapon. The 2 set bonus of t10 will help u too with haste.

-Spellpower and Crit rate are your main stats, there is no maximum u need to have, as more the better.

3: Gems and enchants

3,1: Gems
-On red socket u should use : +23 spell power gem (Runed Cardinal Ruby, red gem)

-On yellow socket u should use : +12 spell power and +10 critical rating gem (Potent Ametrine, orange gem), because crit rate is the most important for that spec

-On blue socket u should use : +12 spell power and +10 spirit gem (Purified Dreadstone, purple gem), because spirit support molten armor with crit rate

-On meta socket u should use : +21 critical strike rating and +3% increased critical damage (Chaotic Skyflare Diamond)

3,2: Enchants
-For enchants just try to find spell power ench, it would be even better if u have sp + crit rate ench, like on head 30 sp + 20 crit rate

-U can also use sp + spirit ench too, like on legs 50 sp + 20 spirit

Now heres the list of enchants you should have on your gear :

-Head = +30 spell power and 20 critical rate
-Shoulders = 24 spell power and 15 critical rate
-Back (if u are tailor) = Lightwave embroidery , if not then use 23 haste rate
-Chest = +10 all stats
-Wrist = +30 spell power
-Hands = +28 spell power
-Legs = +50 spellpower and 20 spirit
-Feet = +12 Hit rate and 12 critical rate
-Ring (if u are enchanter) = 23 spellpower on each ring
-weapon = staff 81 spellpower, 1 hand weapon 63 spell power


4,1: First Buff Up

-You need your 3 buffs : Molten Armor, Dampen Magic, Dalaran/Arcane Intellect/Brilliance >>>

4,2: your 4 spells to use

-Scorch (add a debuff on boss for 5% more crit rate)
-Living Bomb (a damage over time spell, last 12 sec and do more damage when it end)
-Frostfire bolt (main spell)
-Pyroblast (use it only when Hot Streak procs)

4,3: Spell Rotation

-Start with Scorch >>> ,because of the tallent improved scorch it wil do a debuff on your target that inscrease your critical rate by 5% >>> (remember to recast it every 30 sec)

-Then comes Living Bomb >>> , its a insta cast spell that do damage over time and should be recast evry 12 sec (let it end coz it do more dmg when it explode ,then recast)

-After u cast Scorch and Living bomb, then spam Frostfire bolt

-When Frostfire bolt/Living bomb or scorch critical hit two times in a row it wil proc a tallent called Hot Streak >>> , The Hot Streak tallent makes your next Pyroblast spell be a insta cast, so try to cast Frostfire bolt and Pyroblast in the same time:

-What u must do to max your dps is : cast frostfire bolt + Pyroblast at the end of living bomb, like this
>>> its all about timing and luck

-Now about Icy Veins and Combustion >>> ,try to save it for shamans BloodLust, then use the 2 spells with BL, after u get BloodLust u wil be sated for 10 minutes so when ur CD of the 2 spells end (after 2 min) u dont need to w8 for another BL because there wil be 7 mins to w8, so use this 2 spells as much u can after BL

4,5: Here are some hints about some spells

-Mirror Image >>> removes your agro (it just removes your agro while the mirror image last, after it your agro wil come back)

-Blink >>> it removes a stun efect from you

(let me know if i missed somethink :O ) and gl with your mage Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Frostfire spec PVE MAGE Guide :)   Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:32 am

A-W-E-S-O-M-E by G-R-E-E-N--- M-A-S-H-I-N-E
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PostSubject: Re: Frostfire spec PVE MAGE Guide :)   Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:58 pm

Good job green but i dont see Fire blast , its good spell and i useing it a lot.
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PostSubject: Re: Frostfire spec PVE MAGE Guide :)   

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Frostfire spec PVE MAGE Guide :)
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