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 Quests that give hella good exp - and are very easy

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PostSubject: Quests that give hella good exp - and are very easy   Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:29 am

Hey so around the level 68-71 I start to head down to COT (cavern of times) and inside there is a lady that just runs round the main circle, once u see her pretty much she has like 20 or so bugged quests that you can just take and hand back into her. They all give really good exp and all you have to do is hand it straight back to her.

There is another one in Kharazan where a guy is standing outside simply take a quest with something to do with strange ghost dust or something, once you have it turn around and head up the main road before khara's entrance, then take the first right and go down into like a cave thing (its really close to the quest guy like literally 3 seconds) get the required stuff for the quest by killing the ghost ppl. Once you have done that hand it in and the guy next to him will have a quest now. Its the same as the COT 1's just take it and hand it back in.

They both are really easy exp and I recommend using them it will get you from about 69-74 or something like that.
Sorry! if you already new these quests but for the people that don't here ya go some easy ass quests (:::

Heallurself ---

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Quests that give hella good exp - and are very easy
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