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 GRaid Rules

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PostSubject: GRaid Rules   Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:58 am

Rules to be followed in Graids:

1. Follow and respect the raid leaders.

2. Dont roll for items that you dont need

3. Dont roll for items that you already have.

4. Do not roll on items that is of more use to others. Ex: Back with agility suits more to rogue and hunter instead of warr, dk and pala

5. If you are afk in a raid for more than five minutes without having warn the raid leader or the raid members, you will be kick from the graid. Just send a message in gChat that you will be afk and everyone will know about it.

6. Never pull a boss before the raid leader says so.

7. All full Graid will be ML.

8. Alts rolls for Graid are allowed. But not in every case.

9. Do not spam in raids.

10. Do not whisper raid leaders for items.

11. Helping in graid may minimise your chance to get a item. But you will get reputation among people and in a way or another it will be more helpful to yourself.

Be considerate to your guild-mates. Loot will come, so just be patient, and we will help you get what you want.

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GRaid Rules
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