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 Cooking 1-375

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PostSubject: Cooking 1-375   Sat Nov 20, 2010 3:53 pm

Cooking 1-375 Horde Guide (without fishing)

Note: It’s best to skill up cooking and fishing at the same time, using the fish you catch to increase your cooking skill. However, this is how you do it if you just want to skill up cooking, as fishing takes a looooong time and you can still benefit greatly just from cooking.

1. Make Orgrimmar your home.

2. Learn cooking from the cooking trainer in Orgrimmar. Purchase flint and tinder and 20 simple wood from Trak’gen. You can now make campfires to cook food wherever you want.

3. Go to Darkshore (fly to Ashenvale then go to Darkshore) and kill moonkin for small eggs. They drop about 55% small egg. Use those to reach 60 skill. Get 70 eggs so you at least have enough.

4. Go south into Ashenvale and then out to the west coast and kill Clattering and Spined Crawlers. They will drop Small Barnacled Clam, which always contain 1 clam meat, as well as crawler meat. You will get about 50/50. Collect at least 40 of each, a few more to be safe.

5. Fly to Desolace and purchase the expert cookbook from Wulan.

6. Hearth to Org.

7. Cook your small eggs so you reach at least 60 skill. Go to the cooking trainer and learn Journeyman Cooking and Boiled Clams. Buy as many Refreshing Spring Water as you have clam meat from the innkeeper. Cook all your clam meat.

8. Now learn crab cake from the trainer. Buy as many mild spices as you have crawler meat from the NPC beside the cooking trianer. Cook all your crawler meat. At least make sure you get 130 skill then learn expert cooking by using the Expert Cookbook. Before you leave here, buy 120 hot spices from the cooking supplier.

9. Get on the zeppelin to Grom’Gol (Stranglethorn Vale). Buy Recipe: Curiously Tasty Omelet and Recipe: Roast Raptor from Nerrist.

10. Go around Grom’gol Base Camp and kill lashtail raptors for raptor eggs and raptor flesh. Make sure you get enough to take your skill from 130+ to 225. That may require more than 100 eggs and flesh together, depending on the distribution. I ended up with 58 eggs and 46 raptor flesh after a bit of grinding.

11. Cook all your raptor eggs first. At 175 you can learn roast raptor, but continue cooking the eggs until you’re out. Then cook the raptor flesh until you are at skill 225. Don’t leave here until you are at 225. 58 eggs took me from 141 to 193. 38 flesh took me to 225. Hold on to any extra flesh you have.

12. Hearth to Org. Fly to Freewind Post (Thousand Needles). Buy 20 Alterac Swiss from Innkeeper Abeqwa.

13. Fly to Gadgetzan. Make it your home.

14. Accept Clamlette Surprise from Dirge Quikcleave in the inn.

15. Go out to the shore and kill Steeljaw Snappers for Big-Mouth Clams that always contain zesty clam meat. You can also kill Surf Gliders, they drop more clams. Collect 10 zesty clam meat.

16. Kill rocs for giant eggs. When you have 12 eggs, hearth to Gadgetzan and turn in the quest since you already have the cheese. You will learn artisan cooking which allows 300 cooking skill upon completion. Cook any extra raptor flesh you have.

17. Fly to Winterspring. Buy recipe: monter omelet from Himmik. Grind owlbeasts north of Everlook and any winterspring owls and screechers you see for giant eggs. Collect enough to take your cooking skill from 225 to 250. You may need 25-30. There is a cooking fire next to the flight master. Soothing spices can be purchased in Everlook.

18. Visit Bale in Felwood and purchase Recipe: Juicy Bear Burger and Recipe: Charred Bear Kabobs. Then kill bears almost anywhere in Felwood until you get to 285.

19. Fly to Silithus. Accept Desert Recipe from the Innkeeper in Cenarion Hold. Turn it in on a box in the western part of the first Twilight camp to the west of CH. Accept Sharing The Knowledge. Turn it in at the inn. You’ll learn how to make Smoked Desert Dumplings, upon its completion, that will be orange all the way up to 300. Just kill the Dredge Crushers and Strikers all around Cenarion Hold for mats. You may also want to cook 10 Smoked Desert Dumplings and turn in at the innkeeper for the follow-up quest. Rewards some XP and/or gold.

20. If you have The Burning Crusade, you can continue to 375. First you have to learn Master Cooking which is trainable with a book sold by Baxter or Naka.

21. Then do the quest Smooth As Butter to get Recipe: Buzzard Bites. Go back and kill buzzards and cook their meat until you have 325 skill.

22. Then go buy Recipe: Talbuk Steak from Nula the Butcher and kill talbuks in Nagrand. They are all over the place. Cook their meat until you reach 335 skill or more.

23. Go do the quest Mok’Nathal Treats which rewards Recipe: Mok’Nathal Shortribs and Recipe: Crunchy Serpent.

24. Then grind raptors and serpents and cook their flesh until you’re at 375. Warning: You will need A TON of meat to get the last few skill points.

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Cooking 1-375
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