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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:45 am

Here are the guild rules guys:

(This guild is based on friendship and mutual trust)

1. YOU MUST REGISTER ON FORUMS AND GO ON FREQUENTLY. The forum is the fastest and most reliable way for us to communicate.

2. Respect all your mates / guildies. Respect officers and believe in there decisions. Those guys has put much effort and time for the guild. Their rank is for this reason.

3. Do not beg for help/gold/items. Requesting is fine.

4. Ninjas will be treated severely. If judged severe ninja there will be instant gKick. If judge medium ninja there will be raid kick. Else there will be a severe warning.

5. Act like mature people. Dont be kids. Tackle problems in a constructive way and dont just go on bombing on the one you disagree with.

6. Officers have the right to mute you in guild chat for an undefined period of time.

7. Inactivity for more than 2 month without prior notification to an officer will result in a kick. If notified, officers will attach a note to your characters to prevent that.

8. Racist attacks will not be tolerated, depending on severity, it will earn you a gkick without notice.

9. This is an international guild, official language is English and English only please.

10. Officers are here to solve problems without making major issues. So request there help for problems instead of shouting it to everyone.

11. The guild have an image. So dont spoil it in anyway.

12. The guild is not here to help YOU make gold, taking stuff out of guild bank and sell them on AH will get your demoted, depending on severity, will result in a kick. Some items are donated from members, so it wouldnt be fair to them if it was sold on the AH.

13. GBank are always full of epic items. So dont abuse.

14. No selling in GChat. Guildies help guildies and dont make money on their head.

15. Do not ask for promotions. Promotion will be done in due time and no one will be forgotten.

16. Leaving the guild completely is completely your decision. If in case you wanna come back, dont be sure that we will take you back on board. And you wont be treated special because you were here before.

Rules are subject to change without notice.

Do not go onto WoW or apply to us without reading and understanding these simple rules.

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Guild Rules
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